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Regional Programs

Global Foresight Strategies’ Regional Foresight Program on Central and Eastern Europe

Recent geopolitical events in Central and Eastern Europe, specifically Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine, and non-political events, like the global Covid pandemic, have brought home the risks to governments and private sector organizations alike. These unanticipated events can undermine human security and political stability, and negatively affect capital investment plans, supply chains, and revenue streams. This is why our first Regional Foresight Program will focus on change in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). GFS will provide government and private sector strategic planners with enhanced understanding of the likely impacts on the region of our ten key global trends. Special attention will be paid to identifying potential intersections of trends that could produce major disruptions in regional security, stability, and economic prospects.

If your company is involved in supporting the economic, energy, and defense transitions going on in the Black Sea region, near-shoring of manufacturing from Asia-based production facilities to the CEE region, or positioning itself to participate in the rebuilding of Ukraine, our Regional Foresight Program for CEE could be a game-changer for your corporate strategic planning.

Objectives of GFS Regional Foresight Program on Central and Eastern Europe

To improve the quality of collective knowledge about the disruptive trends affecting Central and Eastern Europe through comprehensive, integrated analysis of the relationships among those trends, starting with a virtual knowledge-building session led by global trends experts.
To bring together clients, global trends experts, and GFS foresight experts to analyze relationships among disruptive trends at our in-person “Regional Foresight Assessment Meeting” in April of 2024. Participants from varied sectors will identify and describe “convergent disruptive futures” that could play out in the next 3-5 years.
To identify new risks and opportunities those futures could present for organizations engaged in the region and to provide the results to clients via a secure web portal that connects them to our experts and our CEE program results.
To present high-level results of our Regional Foresight Program for CEE at conferences (Spring 2024) and showcase, as desired, the substantive contributions of our clients.


  • Increase corporate knowledge about the region and intersecting disruptive trends that could present new risks and opportunities.
  • Raise your company’s strategic foresight IQ through sustained participation of your strategic planners in an innovative exercise combining rigor and creative thinking. 
  • Receive public recognition for your role in the Regional Foresight Program for CEE if desired. 
  • Join an emerging community of foresight experts dedicated to monitoring change globally and in the CEE region. 
  • Build your network with our highly-regarded global trends experts.

Program Schedule

  • Oct – Nov 2023: Tested methodology and presented findings at Bucharest Forum

  • June 2024: GFS Regional Foresight Knowledge-Building Seminars (12 Global Trends and their impacts on the CEE region); apply Integrated Foresight Assessment tool to analyze relationships and identify relationships between impacts of trends.

  • Sept 2024: In-person Regional Foresight Assessment Meeting in CEE to identify likely disruptive futures.

  • Sept – Nov 2024: Work collaboratively to build a roadmap to identify actions to be taken to address potential disruptions and shape desired futures.

Please contact​ CEO Patti Morrissey directly for more details.
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