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Our Team

GFS team members are seasoned foresight and strategic planning professionals from the foreign affairs, defense, intelligence, justice, and development agencies of the US and partner nations. We work closely with prominent security experts from academic and research institutes around the world. Our insights enable clients to take advantage of often unseen opportunities while at the same time navigate emerging threats and challenges that can undercut our clients’ success.

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Patti Morrissey

CEO & Founder

Patti Morrissey founded Global Foresight Strategies in the fall of 2022 as a small, specialized consultancy to provide deep expertise and institutional knowledge in strategic planning and foresight analysis to government and private sector clients. Patti has 36 years of experience in government, national, and international security policy and strategy, working for the US Congress, Department of Defense, the Department of State, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. She is highly skilled in building interagency and foreign partner teams to address the global challenges of terrorism and insurgency, information operations, the security impacts of advanced technologies, great power competition, and counterproliferation and arms control.

Meet the Advisors

This is the GFS Advisory team.
Read more about each of the Advisors in their bios below.


GFS Strategic Advisor

Dr. Sue Nelson


GFS Strategic Advisor

Dr. Warren Fishbein


GFS Strategic Advisor

Lyston Lea

paul schulte.jpeg

GFS Strategic Advisor

Paul Schulte

KKK 4x4_001.jpg

GFS Strategic Advisor

Dr. Kerry M. Kartchner


GFS Strategic Advisor

Dr. Heinrich Kreft

Radu Magdin (1).jpg

GFS Strategic Advisor

Dr. Radu Magdin

Ed Regula_20240511_171258[36].jpg

GFS Strategic Advisor

Edward Regula

BG Photo.jpeg

GFS Strategic Advisor

Dr. Banning Garrett


GFS Strategic Advisor

Dr. John Hanley

AI Head Shot 1 1-10-24.png

GFS Strategic Advisor

Dr. Steve Gale

Karen A. Greenaway Photo 2023[48].JPG

GFS Strategic Advisor

Karen Greenaway


GFS Strategic Advisor

Anielle Guedes

michal koran.png

GFS Strategic Advisor

Dr. Michal Kořan


GFS Strategic Advisor

Alina Inayeh

Image by ANIRUDH

Why Partner with
Global Foresight Strategies?

Our GFS foresight experts bring a unique combination of relevant experience in policymaking at the highest levels of government and in designing and facilitating structured group foresight exercises tailored to evoke deep strategic thinking in foresight project participants.

The GFS team will leverage our many decades of strategic foresight and planning experience to assist government, non-profit, and private sector clients in generating new thinking about how technological, environmental, economic, political, human security, and socio-cultural trends could impact their organization’s future.
GFS foresight experts will lead comprehensive, structured, and iterative foresight exercises that examine key global, regional, and local trends relevant to our clients’ decision challenges and long-term policy objectives.
Our team has professional relationships across a global network of multi-disciplinary experts that we will leverage to ensure foresight exercises apply cutting-edge data and knowledge.
GFS will work with clients to examine a range of potential future outcomes based on critical trends and their interactions, highlighting possible strategies and actions that could be taken to best posture the client for success.
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